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Footjoy Golf Shirts Review, A Century-Old Golf Apparel Brand

Jun 18,2024 | Anthony Stuart

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Do you enjoy golf? If so, you may know about FootJoy, a renowned golf apparel brand with a 100-year history. Their golf shirts, known for innovative designs and high-quality fabrics, have earned them a great reputation. This article will review FootJoy based on its history, quality, features, customer reviews, and uniqueness.

FootJoy's Brand History


The story of FootJoy begins in Brockton, Massachusetts, where Frederick Packard founded the company, then known as the “Burt & Packard Shoe Company.” The brand quickly garnered a reputation for producing high-quality shoes.


FootJoy introduced the iconic Contour Series, which became the best-selling golf shoe in the world.


Acushnet Company acquired FootJoy, joining other prestigious golf brands like Titleist under one umbrella.


With over a century of expertise, FootJoy remains a symbol of tradition and quality in the golf world, consistently delivering products that meet the evolving needs of golfers.

Footjoy product quality and features

Product Quality

  • Durability: Crafted with high-quality materials to withstand the rigors of the golf course.
  • Comfort: Engineered for ergonomic fit, ensuring comfort throughout the golfing experience.
  • Performance: Designed to enhance play, with materials that support optimal movement and playability.
  • Craftsmanship: Attention to detail in stitching and construction for a premium finish.
  • Innovation: Continual incorporation of advanced materials and techniques to improve longevity.

Product Features

  • Weatherproofing: Incorporation of waterproof technologies to protect against the elements.
  • Breathability: Utilization of moisture-wicking fabrics to keep players dry and comfortable.
  • Style: A blend of classic and modern aesthetics to suit a range of preferences.
  • Customization: Options for personalization in color, fit, and style to match individual needs.
  • Innovative Range: The introduction of the TempoSeries showcases Footjoy’s dedication to innovation with functional, all-year-round technical outerwear.

What consumers are saying about Footjoy?

Most online reviews of Footjoy are positive. Here are customers' different opinions about their products.

Website Customer Reviews

The rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars for the best-selling golf shirts on the Footjoy website indicates high customer satisfaction. It reflects the brand’s commitment to quality and performance in its products.


Amazon Reviews

Amazon users have given Footjoy, the brand's best-selling golf apparel, a 4.7 out of 5 rating. The overall customer satisfaction with its products is high.


Author review

As someone who loves golf, I think Footjoy is an excellent choice. Its golf shirts are of very high quality, from the design to the material, and are exceptionally comfortable to wear. I wear them for every golf game, which makes me more likely to score a hole-in-one. I also love wearing them when I go out in general because they make me look glamorous.

Are there any alternatives to Footjoy Golf Shirts?

FootJoy’s been a household name for over a century, one of the best golf apparel brands in the world that cater to the grown-up crowd. But if you’re on the hunt for something with a bit more edge and style, Deolax is the new kid on the block worth your attention. They’re all about blending quality with comfort, using premium fabrics that are gentle on the skin and come with Pro Dry Fabrication to up your game in style. Deolax’s golf gear is all about luxury and meticulous design, ensuring you look dazzling and play your best on the course. Plus, their use of cozy, skin-loving materials means you can comfortably swing through those 18 holes. And hey, they’re always rolling out stunningly gorgeous golf shirts. Take a peek at their offerings on Deolax’s official site—there’s even a sweet deal for first-timers! Whether it’s a treat for yourself or a gift for someone special, Deolax has got the goods.

How is Footjoy Golf Shirts different from other Golf Apparel brands?

  • Centennial Brand Value
  • FootJoy’s got a legacy of leading the pack, with a rich history steeped in sewing savvy and top-notch apparel tech.
  • Their clothing doesn’t just look good, it’s built solid with a focus on comfort that’ll have you playing with peace of mind.
  • Their ProDry® Performance golf shirts are high-tech and designed specifically for golfers’ needs on the course.


Is FootJoy a good clothing brand?

Yes, FootJoy is considered a good clothing brand, particularly well-known and respected in the golf community for its quality apparel.

What are the most comfortable golf shirts for hot weather?

For hot weather, comfortable golf shirts include brands like Under Armour, Deolax, Puma, Nike, and Callaway, known for their breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics.

Are Footjoy Golf Shirts made in the USA?

While FootJoy’s golf shoes are primarily manufactured in Asia and Mexico, their commitment to quality remains a hallmark of the brand.

Where to buy FootJoy Golf Apparel in America?

In America, you can buy FootJoy golf apparel from various retailers such as PGA TOUR Superstore and the official PGA Shop. You can also purchase directly from FootJoy’s website, which offers a wide selection of golf clothing.


FootJoy’s been in the game for a century, and they’re not just about making golf apparel—they’re about crafting an experience. They’re sticklers for quality, using top-notch materials that guarantee comfort and a fit that feels tailor-made. It’s this dedication to craftsmanship that puts them at the pinnacle of golf fashion. Besides FootJoy, Deolax is another brand that deserves a shout-out. They’re all about fine craftsmanship and are committed to delivering the best experience to their customers. With a selection of high-quality, comfy, and skin-friendly golf apparel, Deolax brings both style and luxury to the table. So, if you’re looking to jazz up your golf wardrobe, Deolax is definitely worth a swing.