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Golf Shirt Vs. Polo Shirt: What's the Difference?

Dec 07,2022 | HarrisonReeves

There are a lot of differences between polo shirts and golf shirts, despite the fact that many people are unaware of them. But have you ever wondered what these differences are?

The easiest way to distinguish between the two is that while polo shirts can be worn in both casual and formal contexts, golf shirts have been created exclusively for usage on the course.

Therefore, we will pen down the differences you need to know of in this blog to guarantee you can recognize the difference between polos and golf shirts, as well as to help you choose the best shirt for your needs.

1.Golf Shirt Vs. Polo Shirt: Main Differences

a.The Material

Of course, the first thing you look at and touch is the material of the shirt. When it comes to polo shirts and golf shirts, the material is quite different. The following is a list of attributes present in golf shirts that are not usually found in polo shirts.

Quick-Dry & Lightweight:

Quick-dry textiles are those that absorb perspiration away from your body, pushing it to the edge of your clothing or shoes to promote natural evaporation. Most golf shirts are made of quick-dry and lightweight material so that it doesn’t interfere with your sport.

UPF 40+ UV Protection:

More protection is provided by a garment with a higher UPF rating. Golf shirts have a UPF rating of 40+, meaning it provides great protection. When playing golf, protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun matters a lot. Therefore, this protection acts as a strong shield.

Flat-lock Seams:

Your skin may begin to itch at a "regular" seam. This occurs because there is some overlap between the two textiles as a result of the single thread connecting the two layers of fabric.

In golf clothing, a flat-lock seam is a type of stitching that joins two pieces of fabric by placing them side by side such that their edges contact but do not overlap. The outcome is a flat seam, as the name suggests.

Soft and Breathable:

A golf polo’s primary function is to make the wearer comfortable. This is accomplished by utilizing soft and breathable materials. On the other hand, regular polo shirts are commonly comprised of 94% poly/4% spandex, 100% polyester, 100% cotton, and cotton/polyester blends. These materials are relatively less breathable and soft.

4-way Stretch:

Polo shirts that interfere with your swing are definitely something that everyone despises. Golf polos are made to work with you rather than against you. Your body may move freely and without limitation in all directions thanks to the four-way stretch fabric. An effortless rotation during your backswing can be carried out because the 4-way stretch fabric of the golf shirt enables it.

Moisture Wicking Technology:

Bid your farewell to Mr. Sweaty when wearing a golf shirt! Crafted with dry-fit fabric, golf polos absorb and evaporate perspiration at the fastest speed. On and off the course, this keeps you cool, dry, and at ease. On the other hand, regular polos do not have this moisture-wicking technology.

High-tech Performance Fabric:

High-Performance fabric, commonly referred to as performance fabric or simply performance fabric is a very tough upholstery fabric that sees heavy daily wear. Performance fabric is stain-resistant, water-resistant, odor resistant, and easy to clean. It also withstands wear and tear. This fabric is present in golf polos only, making them a better option than regular polos.

The Collar

The collar on most golf polo shirts is made of a distinct piece of fabric. This material is frequently a ribbed knit. Some designs feature collars that are "self-fabric," which indicates that they are made of the same material as the shirt's body.

The Breast Pocket

Many people choose to add a pocket to it to change the appearance of the golf polo shirt. Additionally, the wearer of this polo shirt is free to insert any necessary tiny objects, such as a pen.

The Sleeve Length

Generally speaking, golf polos are 1 to 2 centimeters closer to the elbow than regular polo shirts.

The Fit

Polo shirts and golf polo shirts have tiny variations that an inexperienced eye might miss. Generally speaking, golf polos are 1 to 2 centimeters closer to the elbow than regular polo shirts.

The Cuffs

Polo shirts have cuffs that are snugly fitted over the middle of the bicep and have a tiny piped edge.

Contrarily, golf shirts have cuffs that are double-seamed rather than piped, have a bigger circle than polo shirt cuffs, and fit more loosely.

Lock Stitched Hem

This feature of the golf polo shirt provides reinforced construction with a tailored look. Therefore, the golf polo looks more customized than a regular one.

b.The History

Since its humble beginnings as a shirt worn by Scottish golfers in the 19th century, the golf shirt has come a long way. Today, golf shirts are worn in a wide range of formal and informal settings by people of all ages and genders. Let's examine the development of this functional shirt's past.

Where the Golf Shirt Came From

Scottish golfers desired a more comfortable option to the stiff-collared shirts that were the norm at the time. Thus, they invented the golf shirt in the late 19th century. These vintage golf shirts were constructed of durable wool or tweed fabric and had long sleeves and button-down collars.

The History of Golf Polo Shirts

The modern golf shirt didn't start to take shape until the 1920s. At that time, French tennis player René Lacoste created the "tennis shirt," a short-sleeved shirt with an untucked tail. Other tennis players adopted this new look rapidly, and Lacoste soon began marketing his shirts as "Lacoste" to the general public.

2.Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear a polo shirt to play golf?

Yes, a polo shirt is the best type of jersey to wear while playing golf. Due to the regulations requiring players to wear collared shirts on the golf course, golfers have worn polo shirts for a very long time.

However, many golf courses have recently loosened their dress codes, allowing various shirt kinds on the course. To witness players wearing a wide range of styles, just watch a professional golf tournament!

What is a golf shirt called?

A golf shirt is typically called a polo. Most of the time, a golf shirt is either polo or shirt-style with a collar. Although other materials are often utilized, cotton is the most typical fabric for a golf shirt. A collared, button-down shirt with a wicking, breathable fabric is known as a golf shirt. They usually have a slightly relaxed fit and are manufactured of cotton or polyester.


As you are now aware, golf shirts differ slightly from regular polos. Standard polo shirts are a little heavier than these, but they are lighter, more breathable, and have moisture-wicking qualities.

On the golf course, though, regular polo shirts are totally fine. However, if you play frequently, it's worthwhile to spend money on a golf shirt because it will keep you at ease on the course.

Overall, golf polo shirts are fashionable, lightweight, and ideal for a variety of settings, making them a wardrobe staple for everyone.