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No One Does Men’s Golf Polo Shirts Better than Deolax

Harnessing more than ten years of expertise in the golf apparel sector, we have perfected the craft of hand-selecting the premium men's golf tops.

Features That Make Deolax Men’s Golf Polo Tops Stand Out

Soft and Featherweight Fabric:
Indulge in the velvety embrace of our men's golf polos, meticulously crafted from a fusion of synthetic fibers that offer an unparalleled softness against your skin. Experience comfort beyond compare, thanks to our strategically placed anti-chafe seams that anticipate your every move and guard against irritation.

Moisture-Wicking Excellence and Supreme Breathability:
Elevate your performance with our golfing shirts, engineered to facilitate superior air circulation and outfitted with an inbuilt capillary system that expertly whisks away moisture, leaving you dry and cool even as the temperature soars. Experience the refreshing sensation of quick drying, enabling you to maintain your focus in the heat of the game.

Masterful Four-Way Stretch Technology:
Embark on an unhindered journey through your swings, from backswing to follow-through, with our Deolax men's golf polos. Crafted to embrace every nuance of your movement, these shirts ensure an effortlessly smooth round on the greens.

Unparalleled Style:
Our passionate team of designers pours their creativity into sculpting captivating men's golf shirts. Ranging from timeless classics to voguish prints and captivating graphic logos, our collection is a testament to our prowess in creating chic golf polo shirts that beckon attention.

Trendsetting Appeal:
Elevate your style game with our trendsetting polos, serving as standalone statements or as dynamic companions to our sought-after waterproof golf jackets and golf joggers, culminating in an ensemble that exudes flair.

Inclusive Size Range:
Championing diversity and body positivity, we proudly offer polos for golf in an inclusive range of sizes: small, medium, large, extra-large, XXL, and XXXL. Every individual finds their perfect fit at Deolax.

Vibrant Color & Prints:
Dive into a palette brimming with options, from the timeless allure of black and white golf polos to the bold vibrancy of blue and teal hues. For those who relish the limelight, our stock includes printed and patterned golf polo shirts that ignite individuality.

From our inception, the heart of our mission has been to democratize premium-quality golf wear. Our commitment to affordability remains unwavering, with our complete golf clothing range, including polos, seamlessly merging cutting-edge features with remarkably budget-friendly prices. For budget-conscious golf enthusiasts seeking high-quality apparel, Deolax is your ultimate destination.

Golf Shirt Vs Polo Shirt: Main Differences

The Material

Of course, the first thing you look at and touch is the material of the shirt. When it comes to polo shirts and golf shirts, the material is quite different. The following is a list of attributes present in golf shirts that are not usually found in polo shirts.

Quick-Dry & Lightweight:

Quick-dry textiles are those that absorb perspiration away from your body, pushing it to the edge of your clothing or shoes to promote natural evaporation. Most golf shirts are made of quick-dry and lightweight material so that it doesn’t interfere with your sport.

UPF 40+ UV Protection:

More protection is provided by a garment with a higher UPF rating. Golf shirts have a UPF rating of 40+, meaning it provides great protection. When playing golf, protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun matters a lot. Therefore, this protection acts as a strong shield.

Flat-lock Seams:

Your skin may begin to itch at a "regular" seam. This occurs because there is some overlap between the two textiles as a result of the single thread connecting the two layers of fabric.

In golf clothing, a flat-lock seam is a type of stitching that joins two pieces of fabric by placing them side by side such that their edges contact but do not overlap. The outcome is a flat seam, as the name suggests.

Soft and Breathable:

A golf polo’s primary function is to make the wearer comfortable. This is accomplished by utilizing soft and breathable materials. On the other hand, regular polo shirts are commonly comprised of 94% poly/4% spandex, 100% polyester, 100% cotton, and cotton/polyester blends. These materials are relatively less breathable and soft.

4-way Stretch:

Polo shirts that interfere with your swing are definitely something that everyone despises. Golf polos are made to work with you rather than against you. Your body may move freely and without limitation in all directions thanks to the four-way stretch fabric. An effortless rotation during your backswing can be carried out because the 4-way stretch fabric of the golf shirt enables it.

Moisture Wicking Technology:

Bid your farewell to Mr. Sweaty when wearing a golf shirt! Crafted with dry-fit fabric, golf polos absorb and evaporate perspiration at the fastest speed. On and off the course, this keeps you cool, dry, and at ease. On the other hand, regular polos do not have this moisture-wicking technology.

High-tech Performance Fabric:

High-Performance fabric, commonly referred to as performance fabric or simply performance fabric is a very tough upholstery fabric that sees heavy daily wear. Performance fabric is stain-resistant, water-resistant, odor resistant, and easy to clean. It also withstands wear and tear. This fabric is present in golf polos only, making them a better option than regular polos.

The Collar

The collar on most golf polo shirts is made of a distinct piece of fabric. This material is frequently a ribbed knit. Some designs feature collars that are "self-fabric," which indicates that they are made of the same material as the shirt's body.

The Breast Pocket

Many people choose to add a pocket to it to change the appearance of the golf polo shirt. Additionally, the wearer of this polo shirt is free to insert any necessary tiny objects, such as a pen.

The Sleeve Length

Generally speaking, golf polos are 1 to 2 centimeters closer to the elbow than regular polo shirts.

The Fit

Polo shirts and golf polo shirts have tiny variations that an inexperienced eye might miss. Generally speaking, golf polos are 1 to 2 centimeters closer to the elbow than regular polo shirts.

The Cuffs

Polo shirts have cuffs that are snugly fitted over the middle of the bicep and have a tiny piped edge.

Contrarily, golf shirts have cuffs that are double-seamed rather than piped, have a bigger circle than polo shirt cuffs, and fit more loosely.

Lock Stitched Hem

This feature of the golf polo shirt provides reinforced construction with a tailored look. Therefore, the golf polo looks more customized than a regular one.

Can I wear a polo shirt to play golf?

Yes, a polo shirt is the best type of jersey to wear while playing golf. Due to the regulations requiring players to wear collared shirts on the golf course, golfers have worn polo shirts for a very long time.

However, many golf courses have recently loosened their dress codes, allowing various shirt kinds on the course. To witness players wearing a wide range of styles, just watch a professional golf tournament!

What is a golf shirt called?

A golf shirt is typically called a polo. Most of the time, a golf shirt is either polo or shirt-style with a collar. Although other materials are often utilized, cotton is the most typical fabric for a golf shirt. A collared, button-down shirt with a wicking, breathable fabric is known as a golf shirt. They usually have a slightly relaxed fit and are manufactured of cotton or polyester.