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Why do golfers wear polos?

Jun 14,2024 | HarrisonReeves

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Golf, a game steeped in tradition and etiquette, has a unique dress code with the polo shirt at its heart. But why do golfers wear polos? You’re not alone in wondering. In this article, we’ll unpack the reasons behind golf’s sartorial choice, exploring the history and practicality of the iconic polo shirt. 

History of Polo Shirts

A shirt with a collar is called a polo shirt, tennis shirt, golf shirt, or chukker shirt. Polo shirts, which can also have long sleeves, are typically short-sleeved and were first worn by polo players in India in 1859 and in Great Britain in the 1920s.

Polo shirts are called polo because they were first based on the style of shirt worn by polo players in the 1920s. The polo shirt's potential as a fashion item was originally recognized by John E. Brooks, who employed its button-down collar design in all of his men's dress shirts at the time, forever altering men's fashion.

However, the polos we know of now were made in 1929. Polo shirts are often composed of knit textiles, but they may now be produced from other materials, including silk and linen, with piqué and jersey being the most widely used. The pique knit's breathability, elasticity, and durability made it the preferred material (which immensely helped when playing sports). You can observe a honeycomb or waffle-like design if you look closely. Some polo shirts feature double piqué, which combines two different types of thread. By joining two other materials of varying quality, the fabric is strengthened, or the cost is reduced.

Is It A Must To Wear A Polo Shirt When You Golf?

Although it is not always the case, a polo shirt is frequently required at most golf courses. Check the dress code ahead to avoid any uncomfortable surprises, such as being reprimanded for wearing jeans.

Golfers wear breathable polos to increase their sweating. Another reason is that polos are more formal than a T-shirt, which is not permitted in courses. They also let you move freely and are comfy. Oh, and they look excellent with quality golf shorts or khakis.

Moreover, they are nice-looking, comfortable, and inexpensive casual shirts. Thus, golf can be compared to a "walking polo" in some ways. Wearing polos can also improve their game performance as the player will be confident with their outfit.

Should Golfers Wear Loose-Fitting Clothes?

Of course, golfers should wear loose-fitting clothes. Comfort is key when hitting the ball. You need loose-fitting clothing, that fits the swing, and feels comfortable. Golf polo shirts give you a very comfortable experience, so golf clubs have their dress code, but don't worry - as long as yours is a professional golf polo shirt with a coordinated dress code, style are optional. Finally, choose golf polo clothes that are flexible, comfortable, and won't get in the way of your swing. That way, you'll be ready for a relaxing day on the course.

Is Golf Clothing Important For Beginner Golfers

It's crucial to dress appropriately for golf for the following reasons. Consider the weather when choosing your attire so you can play your round comfortably. Numerous golf courses have a dress code that calls for collared men’s golf shirts, no jeans, and golf shoes without metal spikes. It could be a good idea to inquire about any dress requirements for the course you're about to play.

All golfers should follow any dress codes in place at the courses they play. For novice and seasoned golfers, performance apparel that offers proper flexibility and moisture wicking can allow for a more enjoyable game.

If you have joined a club, you must purchase clothing to comply with the dress code, but you don't have to blow your money on logoed polo shirts or designer pants. Even so, you should search for 30–50% off defunct lines. An excellent pair of waterproofs might also be a good option if you want to play in the rain and live somewhere where it rains frequently. The majority of people will additionally cover their non-dominant hands with a glove.

Golf apparel that is appropriate guarantees optimal stability and comfort while playing. Wearing golfing attire might be necessary if the driving range is on the actual course and close to the clubhouse.


In short, the prevalence of polo shirts in golf is more than just a matter of style or tradition. It is a testament to the versatility, comfort and adaptability of polo shirts to the demands of the sport. Whether it's the freedom of movement afforded by the design, or the breathability or sun protection of the fabric, polo shirts have proven to be an essential part of a golfer's closet. So the next time you see a golfer teeing off in a polo shirt, you'll know it's not just about looking good, it's also about playing well.


What should you not wear to golf?

Avoid wearing cutoffs, short shorts, or gym shorts. Shoes: Golf shoes are ideal if you have them. Nowadays, most clubs prefer soft spikes to metal ones. Never put metal spikes on a surface designed for soft spikes; you risk being ordered to stop playing.

Why are collared shirts required at golf courses?

You can project the proper image and make a positive first impression on players and fans alike by wearing collared shirts. By requiring players to wear acceptable attire and present themselves smartly, dress standards also assist in eliminating distractions on the course.