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How Should A Golf Polo Shirt Fit?

Jun 14,2024 | HarrisonReeves

The key ensemble of the Golf is its Golf shirt. Golfers must pick a comfortable and functional polo shirt. Golf polo shirts are designed for performance. A right fit is what will look amazing on you. You would like to spend your money on something that whisks sweats away.

Finding a perfect fit for your golf polo shirt is important. Its unique fitting will let you swing away the shots comfortably. If you still feel it to be an arduous task, let us help you with the easy titbits to find the right one. 

How Do You Match Your Golf Polo Shirt?

Golf polo shirts suit a preppy gentleman who adheres to the game rules. Finding a perfect fit means wearing the right size and a stunning statement piece. Read the pointers to know how the staple should fit and feel.

Overall Fit

Nail the polo shirt fit before entering the golf course. You will not feel uneasy and hit on a full swing with the right fit. It will help flatter your overall physique. The swinging of arms must not be restricted because of tight golf polo shirts. Here are men’s golf shirts for a direct fit; no excessive fabric and no overhangs on the shoulder. Sleeves must fit close to the arm to give you a great swing effect. Your shirt must end just below the belt.

Let’s now dig into other details of polo shirts along with this.

Collar and Neck Opening

It’s a good thing to choose a discreet cutaway sort of collar. Most brands sell standard collars with crisp collars to help you look smart. The neck opening and buttons are the areas of concern. Your polo shirt buttons must end no further than the top of your armpits. You can always avoid a deep V-neck for a Golf polo shirt as it is manly. An overly tight neck opening may seem less attractive until you wear a turtle neck. You know it’s a choice. Still, choices must be made not to choke. It will also hamper your gameplay as you will be concerned about neck button openings. Wear a properly fit golf polo shirt to keep the first two buttons open elegantly.

Shoulders and Sleeves

It’s better to buy a polo shirt whose shoulders aren’t loose to go below your shoulder bone. Sleeves must be halfway down your biceps to give a fit look to your arms. This will not hamper the swinging actions too. Anything longer than this does not stay great with the trend. A very slim fit shoulder and sleeve is what makes an ideal polo shirt worth wearing.

Length and Torso

Here is a good general rule, let’s talk about the length of your polo shirt. It shouldn’t be too long to give a trendy look. It must end just near the waistband over your mid-crotch area, giving a neat look. Whenever the moment demands, you can smartly tuck into your pants. But hold on, there is a tucking rule too. Do not make your polo shirt fly in the front or exceed the way past your buttocks. Looking like a ball of fluff won’t suit you on the pitch where people are eyeing you.

Besides this, the width across the torso should be neither too loose nor too tight. Ensure the fabric rightfully flows across your body. The thumb rule – you should be comfortable pinching 1” or 2” of cloth from both sides of your torso without looking baggy.

The Side Vents

Integration of the side vents in your golf polo shirt is also important. This is a small but essential detail in your golf polo shirt. Not too big and too small length of side vents will give a sporty outlook, ensuring maximum freedom when swinging your golf stick. Interestingly, the subtle side vents have the aesthetics and functionality of classic polo shirts. The pique knit pattern will provide maximum comfort and crisp smartness to your polo shirt.


Are golf shirts supposed to be tucked in?

It is not necessary to tuck your golf polo shirt. Whether wearing golf shorts or pants, it is not a rule to tuck your polo shirt inside. This is completely your personal decision to follow the thumb rule. Use the grippers if you are tucking your golf polo shirt inside. They will nicely tuck and set the shirt without making you look like a teenage caddy. A nicely tucked shirt gives you a manly look.

How loose should golf shirts be?

We are talking about a slim or perfect fit in a golf polo shirt. The trend of baggy shirts is already over. Choose a golf shirt giving you more room for swinging actions and space around your midriff. Loosening one or two inches sideways is essential to have enough space to pinch in the shirt. However, you will feel your golf polo shirt to be your second skin.


With our full-fledged eye-opener guide, the tedious task of finding a perfect golf polo shirt for men will end. It can be formally dressed in jeans, pants, and chinos too. Just be smart to choose the right fit and not hamper your game at any cost. Now you know what you want, and even Deolax is here to help you.