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20 Best Golf Clothing Brands You Need to Know in 2024

Jun 19,2024 | Anthony Stuart

Numerous golf apparel brands are available in the market, but not all are of the same quality. Some brands may use inexpensive materials, exhibit poor workmanship, or employ unethical practices, adversely impacting your golfing experience. To aid you in identifying the best golf apparel brands, we have compiled a list of the top 20. These brands are renowned for their quality, high performance, and solid reputation, helping you avoid disappointment. The list is as follows:


Deolax is an up-and-coming golf apparel brand that specializes in creating high-quality golf apparel. The brand focuses on using premium fabrics and ensuring high performance in its products, all to provide customers with the best possible experience. Their golf polo shirts are known for their stylish and luxurious design, making them a top choice for golf apparel. Additionally, the brand has established a partnership with the Top 100 Tour in 2023 and comes highly recommended.

Deolax Clothing

Canadian network @ForeDaBoys Wearing Deolax Clothing

Below are Deolax's golf apparel designed for people who are looking for luxury fashion and high quality, which can bring you a very comfortable experience.

Quarter Zip Pullover Made By Deolax

Performance Quarter Zip Pullover Made By Deolax

Polo Shirt Made By Deolax

Men's Blue Printed Polo Shirt Made By Deolax


CallawayApparel is renowned for its high-quality designs and performance-driven features. The brand has a significant presence in Tokyo, Japan, where its design team is based. This team is responsible for creating innovative and stylish golf apparel that caters to the needs of golfers, focusing on functionality, comfort, and design.

Polo Made By Callawayapparel

Mens Micro Texture Polo Made By Callawayapparel


PeterMillar is a luxury brand that offers a wide range of golf apparel known for its sophisticated style and technical innovation. The apparel is designed to deliver high performance with every round of golf. If you are seeking top-quality golf apparel, this brand is an excellent choice, despite being a little expensive!

Polo Made By Petermillar

Solid Performance Jersey Polo Made By Petermillar


GolftiniWear erupted 18 years ago when owner and designer Susan Hess couldn’t find any stylish women’s golf clothes to wear on the course. They offer an extensive collection of women’s golf skorts, tops, and pants that combine comfort with modern designs.

Polo Made By Golftiniwear

Cocoa Sleeveless Zip Polo Made By Golftiniwear


With a rich history dating back to 1857, FootJoy has established itself as a staple in the golfing world. The brand’s founder, Frederick Packard, began producing shoes from his home in Brockton, Massachusetts and introduced its first golf shoe in 1927. FootJoy’s design style combines tradition with innovation, offering a wide range of golf shoes, clothing, and accessories that cater to both the performance and style preferences of golfers worldwide.

Golf Shirt Made By Footjoy

Painted Floral Lisle Golf Shirt Made By Footjoy


Collarsandco is known for its innovative collar designs that originated in England in the 1800s to help polo players keep their collars in place. Today, their design style reflects an American classic look with a modern twist, providing golfers with high-quality clothing that looks great and feels amazing.

Polo Made By Collarsandco

Semi-Spread Collar Polo Made By Collarsandco


RalphLauren Corporation started in 1967 with men’s ties and quickly expanded into a full line of menswear named “Polo” in 1968. The brand gained more recognition when Ralph Lauren created the costumes for the male cast of The Great Gatsby in 1974. Known for its iconic polo shirts, Ralph Lauren’s design style exudes timeless elegance and sophistication. The brand offers a wide range of golf apparel that combines luxury with functionality, appealing to golfers who appreciate classic styling with modern sensibilities.

Polo Shirt Made By Ralphlauren

Slim Fit Mesh Polo Shirt Made By Ralphlauren


Badbirdiegolf was founded in 2017 by Jason Richardson in Los Angeles, California, Bad Birdie Golf stands out with its bold and unconventional approach to golf apparel. The brand is all about making a statement on the course while providing comfort and performance. Bad Birdie Golf’s design style is characterized by vibrant patterns and a fun, inclusive philosophy that reflects the founder’s vision to make golf enjoyable for everyone. Their creative story began with a desire to break away from traditional solid colors and stripes, offering golfers a fresh and exciting wardrobe choice.

Polo Made By Badbirdiegolf

Tropics Polo Made By Badbirdiegolf


Established in 2001 with a mission to build better golf apparel, Dunninggolf has become synonymous with innovation and quality. The brand focuses on the player’s desires, creating products that offer fit, playability, and true performance. Dunning Golf’s design style is known for its clean and sophisticated aesthetics, engineered for athletes but designed for players. Their commitment to technical excellence is evident in their luxury performance fabrics and meticulous attention to detail.

polo Made By Dunninggolf

Helsby stripe performance polo Made By Dunninggolf


Yattagolf is a brand that brings a fresh and energetic vibe to the golf apparel scene. Yatta Golf is known for its playful and vibrant designs that stand out on the green. Their main products include a variety of golf shirts and accessories that cater to golfers looking for a fun twist to traditional golf wear.

Golf Polo Made By Yattagolf

Just Beachy Golf Polo Made By Yattagolf


Primogolfapparel is a family-founded company that grew out of four cousins’ passion for golfing together in California. They are committed to selling top-quality products, taking care of every detail from material to fit and durability. They custom design every product in-house in the USA, with offerings like golf joggers that combine style and full athletic functionality.

Hat Made By Primogolfapparel

Speckled Cursive Hat Made By Primogolfapparel


Holdernessandbourne was founded by Alex Holderness and John Bourne, this brand offers a warm welcome to classic, traditional golf style. Their aesthetic is driven by descriptors like “understated” and “subtle,” with a reverence for golf’s historic figures and courses informing their preference for classic styling and a tailored fit.

Shirt Made By Holdernessandbourne

Macdonald Shirt Made By Holdernessandbourne


Bogeybros was started to meet the needs of bogey golfers who want to have fun with their game and style without sacrificing quality. They design hats, polos, and other accessories with the bogey golfer in mind, ensuring you can "Play Bad, Look Good".

Polo Made By Bogeybros

Whale Tail Polo Made By Bogeybros


Williammurraygolf is a brand that brings a fun and irreverent spirit to the game of golf. Their designs often feature whimsical patterns and are inspired by the unique personality of actor Bill Murray and his love for golf.

Polo Made By Williammurraygolf

Fish Food Polo Made By Williammurraygolf


Avalongolf offers a range of golf apparel that combines classic styles with modern trends. They focus on creating pieces that are both fashionable and functional, suitable for wearing on the golf course or in a casual setting.

Golf Jogger Made By Avalongolf

Tour Golf Jogger Made By Avalongolf


Founded in 2019, Sundayswagger aims to redefine golf fashion with bold designs and limited-edition spring collections. They offer premium technical fabric polos designed with 4-way stretch, UPF 40 sun protection, moisture-wicking technology, and a breathable poly-spandex blend that is wrinkle-resistant.

Polo Made By Sundayswagger

Venice Polo Made By Sundayswagger


Golfgodsonline is a distinctive golf apparel brand, it offers a variety of products, including stylish performance polos, casual wear with humorous and edgy designs, and accessories that cater to golfers who want to stand out on the course. The brand’s ethos is about embracing the fun and irreverent side of golf, providing golfers with apparel that reflects their personality and love for the game.

Golf Polo Made By Golfgodsonline

Cool Tech Performance Golf Polo Made By Golfgodsonline


Greysonclothiers is known for its fusion of fashion and function, offering high-performance, stylish golf apparel. They aim to provide clothing that supports all aspects of an active lifestyle, whether on the course or off.

Polo Made By Greysonclothiers

Seawolf Polo Made By Greysonclothiers


While specific details about Golfapparelshop were not found, it is part of a larger trend in golf fashion that emphasizes performance-driven fabrics with moisture-wicking and stretch properties, designed to offer comfort and flexibility on the course.

Polo Made By Golfapparelshop

Solid Mesh Polo Made By Golfapparelshop


Created by Grammy-winning artist Macklemore, Bogeyboys is a golf and lifestyle brand that offers vintage styling with elevated fabrics. The brand was born out of Macklemore’s passion for golf and aims to bring a fresh perspective to golf apparel.

Polo Made By Bogeyboys

Icons Polo Made By Bogeyboys


In conclusion, When selecting golf apparel, it's important to consider the quality, value for money, and comfort to ensure the best experience. This article introduces the top 20 golf apparel brands in 2024, with the hope that this guide can help you find the most suitable brands for your needs. This will, in turn, help you find the golf apparel that satisfies your preferences through these high-quality brands.

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What clothing do golfers wear?

Golfers typically wear clothing that is both functional and respectful of the sport’s traditions. This includes golf polo shirts, slacks or golf shorts, and golf shoes for both comfort and performance on the course.

Why do people wear nice clothes to golf?

People wear nice clothes to golf as a sign of etiquette and respect for the game’s heritage. Proper attire also enhances comfort, safety, and performance, helping players feel like proper golfers and play to their full potential.

What is golf fashion?

Golf fashion today strikes a balance between casual sophistication and technical innovation. It features advanced fabrics for comfort, breathability, and movement, often with UV protection and moisture-wicking properties. The style has evolved to include bright colors, bold patterns, and personal expression while maintaining a nod to traditional attire.