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What to Wear Golfing? Your Ultimate Golf Apparel Guide

Jun 27,2024 | Anthony Stuart

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Ever wondered what to wear golfing when hitting the greens? Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, your golf attire is more than just a dress code—it's about feeling comfortable and looking sharp while you play. Golf fashion has evolved, blending functionality with personal style to enhance your game and overall experience. So, let's dive into how to dress for golf, ensuring you step onto the course with confidence and style.

The Importance of Proper Apparel When Playing Golf

Proper golf attire matters whether you're gearing up for a tournament or just hitting the links for fun. It's not just about looks—it directly impacts your game.

Comfort and Performance: Golf gear is all about making you feel comfy and helping you perform your best. Think moisture-wicking fabrics that keep you cool under pressure, stretchy materials that move with your swing, and breathable designs that handle whatever the weather throws at you.

Golf Etiquette and Tradition: Golf isn't just a game; it's a tradition steeped in etiquette. Dressing right isn't just respectful; it shows your love for the sport and its rich history.

Boosted Confidence: When you're dressed spot-on for the course, you can't help but feel like you belong and Improve your confidence. It's not just about style—it can seriously up your mental game and keep your focus razor-sharp.

What to Wear Golfing of Playing Golf?

play golf

When you step onto the green, it's important to dress in proper golf apparel for a comfortable golfing experience and better performance. Here are the details on the proper attire for both men and women:

Men's Golf Clothing

Golf Polo Shirt

Polo shirts for men are essential in golf apparel. They feature a collar and are made of breathable, sweat-wicking fabrics to ensure comfort and flexibility during the golf swing while keeping you cool and dry throughout your round.

This golf polo shirt is my favorite. I bought it a year ago, and I recommend it to you!

golf polo shirt

Golf Joggers

When choosing golf joggers, it's important to select tailored ones that fit well while allowing for ease of movement. Look for fabrics with stretch and moisture-wicking properties. Classic colors like khaki, navy, or grey are popular choices for golf attire.

The navy blue men's golf joggers from Dealax are very comfortable, and I wear them every time I play golf.

golf joggers

Golf Short

Golf shorts are a comfortable and cooler option than trousers during warm weather. Look for golf shorts made with stretchy material and ensure they meet the required length for the course.

The golf shorts are one of my favorite pairs, I wear them every summer to play golf, great.

golf short

Golf Outerwear

Don't forget to bring a golf jacket as a backup when you play. Look for waterproof and breathable options to cope with sudden weather changes and enhance your overall experience.

Golf Sock

Invest in golf-specific socks that offer cushioning and support, along with moisture-wicking properties to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Golf Shoes

Choose golf shoes with soft spikes or spikeless designs for stability and traction on the course. Ensure they fit well and provide enough support for long walks while playing golf.

Women's Golf Clothing

Golf Polo Shirt

For women's golf apparel, opt for polo shirts that are usually more fitted and made of stretchy, moisture-wicking fabrics to allow for full movement during the golf swing.

Below is the women's golf shirt from Deolax, which I found very stylish, comfortable, and highly recommended.

women's golf shirt

Golf skirts and short

Designed specifically for golf, skirts (a combination of skirts and shorts) and shorts are both comfortable and stylish on the course. They should be made of lightweight, stretchy materials for ease of movement.

Golf Dresses

Consider golf dresses designed specifically for the sport. Look for options made from high-performance fabrics that offer comfort and UV protection, making them perfect for playing in warm weather.

Golf Sock

Similar to men's socks, women's golf socks should be cushioned and moisture-wicking to ensure comfort and support without slipping or knotting.

Golf Shoes

Women's golf shoes come in various styles, from traditional spiked shoes to spikeless designs. Choose shoes that fit well and provide the necessary traction and stability for walking and swinging on varied terrain.

What is the etiquette when playing golf on the golf course?

golf course

Appropriate Attire

Follow the golf course's dress code, which typically includes collared shirts and tailored pants or shorts for men, and collared shirts, skirts, or shorts for women. Avoid denim, cutoffs, and overly casual attire unless permitted by the course.

Respect for Others:

Maintain a respectful demeanor towards fellow golfers and course staff. Keep noise levels down, especially during others' shots, and be mindful of their concentration.

Course Care

Help maintain the course by repairing divots (chunks of turf) on fairways and replacing or repairing ball marks on greens. Follow the cart rules, stay on designated paths, and park carts away from greens and tee boxes.

Pace of Play

Keep up with the pace of play by being ready to hit when it's your turn. Limit practice swings and avoid unnecessary delays. If your group is holding up others, consider allowing them to play.

What golf clothing to wear on different occasions?

Leisure & Socialising

When you're out for a casual round or just enjoying a social game of golf, comfort and style are key. Opt for a comfy polo shirt or a cool golf-specific tee paired with well-fitted shorts or casual trousers. Look for fabrics like cotton or moisture-wicking blends to keep you feeling fresh and comfortable all through your game. Throw on a pair of stylish sunglasses for extra flair and eye protection. This relaxed yet polished look will ensure you're both comfortable and looking sharp as you hang out on the course.

Golf Tournaments

When it comes to golf tournaments, the dress code leans towards a more formal vibe. Guys typically rock collared shirts in solid hues or subtle patterns, tucked into well-tailored trousers or knee-length shorts. Ladies often opt for classy polo shirts or sleeveless tops paired with golf skirts or trousers. Fit is crucial here, so make sure your attire allows for easy movement during your swings. This attire not only meets tournament standards but also amps up your confidence and focus on the course.

What are some good golf clothing brands to recommend?>

When buying golf apparel, it's important to choose a reputable brand that specializes in golf attire. Some popular brands for both men's and women's golf clothing are Nike Golf, Deolax Golf, and Footjoy Golf. These best golf apparel brands provide a wide selection of stylish and functional apparel designed for the sport.


In the end, dressing right for golf isn't just about following the rules. it's about making your time on the course enjoyable and hassle-free. Use this guide to find golf clothing that's both comfy and chic. When you're decked out in the right gear, you can focus on perfecting your swing, soaking up the outdoors, and playing your best round yet. Here's to looking great and playing even better on the fairways!


What do golfers wear?

Golfers typically wear comfortable and functional attire suitable for the course. This includes polo shirts or collared tops, golf trousers or shorts (usually knee-length), golf-specific shoes (spiked or spikeless), and socks designed for comfort and moisture-wicking.

Can I wear shorts while playing golf?

Yes, you can wear shorts while playing golf at most courses, especially in warmer weather. However, it's essential to check the specific dress code of the golf course you plan to visit. Generally, shorts should be knee-length or slightly above, and golf-specific shorts made from performance fabrics are recommended for optimal comfort and mobility.

Are there any special rules about what to wear on the driving range?

While there may not be as strict a dress code on the driving range as on the course, it's still advisable to wear attire that allows for unrestricted movement, such as golf-specific tops, bottoms, and shoes. Avoiding open-toed shoes or sandals is generally a good idea for safety and comfort. It's best to check with the driving range or course for any specific rules they may have regarding attire.